Panhard Forum UK

Federation des Clubs P&L

French Clubs
Amicale DB René Bonnet
Automobile Club Panhard du Centre
Dynamic Club Panhard et Levassor
Les Doyennes de Panhard et Levassor
Fan Club Panhard et Levassor
Club Panhard et Levassor France

Other Clubs
Amicale Panhard de Belgique (B)
Panhard Automobielclub Nederland (NL)
Amigos de Panhard y Levassor (E)
Automobile Club Panhard Finland (SU)
Club Italiano Panhard (I)
Les Amis de Panhard & Deutsch-Bonnet USA
Panhardclubben (S)
Panhard-Club Deutschland (D)
Panhardentusiaster i Norge (N)

Sources of cars, parts and specialist services
Joël Brunel
(trading as Panhardis)
Pièces PL e-mail:
Le Bon Coin
Patrick Habourdin
Peter Breed Garage Service
Gower & Lee
P.D.Gough & Co Ltd.
Car & Classic
Broadway Electrical Services Ltd.
Ignition Car Parts
London & Essex Auto Electrics Ltd.

Panhard-oriented sites of particular interest
Charly Rampal's Panhard racing history

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